Methods to Promote Your Online Course

Spread the word at conferences or networking events.

If you plan on attending any events where you will be interacting with your target audience face-to-face, make sure to take advantage of those natural opportunities where you could promote your course.

If you have a booth, for instance, print out marketing collateral they can take with them that includes a link to the course & hand it out to those who might have expressed interest.

Consider signing up for a text-to-sign up app, which lets people send a text message with their email address to a pre-designated number& syncs with your list so they get automatically added. Tools such as LeadDigits (which we recently used at the Podcast Movement in Chicago!) Tatango can be easily downloaded & sync with a number of email marketing providers (ESPs).

You could even download a mobile sign up form app (like Atom) to your phone or tablet. These types of apps could also sync with specific ESPs, so anyone who signs up using the app could get added right to your list.

Either way you go, you will not be short of options to promote your course & get people to register for it!

Take advantage of partnership opportunities.

Guest blog posts, cross-promotional emails, webinars … each of these are perfect opportunities to expand theachieve by teaming up with businesses that have similar audiences to yours.

When you do, you will want to find a way to angle your blog post or webinar presentation so that it could tie back to your online course. Remember, the more you could hook people into your course, the better. This ensures you maintain a connected experience for those who sat through the webinar presentation.

Here is an example of a webinar we presented on writing content for your emails …

… which supported the perfect opportunity to promote our email writing course.

Invest in paid online ads.

To get even more eyes on the course, consider investing in paid ads to promote it to new audiences. If this is new territory for you, you will want to do your research before diving in.

Between the different types of ads & locations to place them, it is important to learn the landscape & what might work best for you. You’ll also need to identify a budget for the ad(s) & how you plan to track its performance.

Once you have an idea of the strategy you want to go with, it will be up to you to design the ad based on the dimensions supported. If this might seem like a hurdle, there’re a number of tools that allow even non-designers to create beautiful-looking images, like Canva & PicMonkey.

When creating your ads, make sure to maintain the branding of your online course. It will create a consistent experience for your visitors as they move from the ad to the course landing page.

Encourage fans of your course to share it.

Throughout your course & your promotion plan, you should leave plenty of opportunities for people to share it with friends & colleagues. Social sharing buttons, click-to-tweet links& even general CTAs that tell people to share are all good ways to influence people to spread the word.

You could optimize sharing in a variety of assets related to your course, including the course itself & emails you send out to promote it.

And remember: the more valuable and engaging the content you create is, the more people will naturally want to share it with others.


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