Discover the Secret to Generating a $100k Income With Your Own Training, Teaching, or Mentoring Business:

Allow Me to ask you:

How would it feel to talk with somebody who has been there, done that, for years – more than 10 years …

Get a hook for your sales letter

Get assistance writing the headline

Ascertain what goes into your product

What is your perfect funnel

And on and on

Each step of the way.

I hold a weekly coaching call.

It is on Tuesdays at 11 AM ET.

You arrive at the telephone, and tell me you want assistance.

You tell me exactly what you are working on.

I then will give you a strategy, or an idea, or even a headline, or anything you want.

You employ.

Then come back next week for more!

How would that feel?

Would that make a difference for you, would that make it simpler for you to be able to swiftly implement the ideal things into your small business, to create a real business?

How would it feel to converse with someone that can give you real-world actionable guidance, week after week after week?

If that’s the case, you’re going to like this …

You see, the thing is, simply getting the KNOWLEDGE is not likely to completely change your life and your company.

But speaking with somebody who has DONE it again and again, has guided clients again and again …

You talk with me weekly

The very first time we talk you give me your vision

I assist you craft your strategy, your 90 day blueprint

You begin to implement what I give you, and you build out your own $100k business

Notice: this is NOT some cookie-cutter copy and paste strategy that will fail, like so many things you’ve tried before.

This is REAL guidance, REAL mentoring

100% especially tailored to YOUR company …

Working personally with me at a small group environment, you merely let me know you would like to speak, we’ll talk and ‘I’ll guide you week by week to construct your $100k business!

Incidentally… maybe I should’ve shown you this earlier, perhaps you do not understand me … . So I wish to show you just two little elements of my business, my novels, and my posts

Now, that’s just my books and my posts … but it shows you just how committed I had been when I started out, to creating a brand new business – and now you could do it too!

Anyway, if you do not know me well . . I want you to have an idea of what I have done, and I can help you!

Here is the thing, when I got started on the internet and went from $0 to $13,000 per month in 13 weeks … I did not have lots of bells and whistles at all.

I just got leads from a hot platform, wrote a new ebook or made a new product each month, compose emails like mad (can you tell I like to compose) and marketed like mad – and my first 2 ebooks were9.77 each!

It doesn’t sound like much . . Nonetheless, it’s $4000 per month on $9.77!!!

And a proportion of these people were joining my $97 a month training program, purchasing my $47 toolbox, buying other things.

Honestly, it was an easy, simple business.


And over the years a lot of folks have come along and created this business seem as much HARDER than it truly is.

Now, I want to reevaluate matters FOR YOU –

I would like to explain to you how to return to the fundamentals and start SELLING!

In the last few weeks, I have had several clients launch new products … and create over $1000 in a couple of days . .

In the last few weeks, I’ve had several clients launch new products . . . and generate over $1000 in a few days . . .on a simple, low ticket product ($7 – $17)

You can too.

And I am going to be bold here and say: there’s nothing holding you back.

That is right: there’s nothing holding you back.

Write about it

Use my easy sales letter formula and write a simple sales letter

And just begin telling folks about it







You probably spend, if you are like most people – 2-4 hours every day interacting online.

You have 100s of contacts, whether you are aware of it or not.

And you’re able to earn $100 – $1000 NEXT WEEK with my easy, easy formula.

Now, this is not some “make a million dollars formula”

This isn’t one of those “make $100,000” formulas.

You see, if you can’t make $100, you can’t make $1 million

And gain a little more every week?

Like $100 the first week

$110 the 2nd week

until you are at $1000, $2000, $3000 a week just by scaling a really simple system.


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