Vidtoon Review

Introduction: Vidtoon

This works perfectly for boosting sales…

If you sell anything on-line then you know that conversions can mean the difference between the success & failure of your internet business.

But did you know this one thing can drastically affect the conversions of any product or service?

It can help boost opt ins, bond with your audience, and make your marketing messages stick like a 200lb tub of crazy glue.

What is it exactly? Animated videos.

And there’s no simpler or faster way to create them than with VidToon

VidToon is the new kid on the block when it comes to animated videos and it does not disappoint in the least bit.

Just take a look at some of what’s included:

  • 25 characters included for any scenario
  • 30 eye popping character animations
  • A to B automation object movement
  • The ability to flip any object’s orientation
  • 34 HD backgrounds
  • 200+ sales graphics
  • Intro & Outro transitions
  • Microsoft & Google text to speech options
  • And a ton more!

And you can use this in just about any industry or niche:

I’m talking about:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Affiliates
  • Ecommerce
  • Coaches
  • Social Media
  • YouTube Channels
  • Local Consultants
  • Bloggers

Basically, if you sell anything on-line (or off), then animated videos can help you sell more of your products, generate more leads, and boost your conversions.

But if you have been hoping for a way to churn out animated videos easily and quickly, then VidToon is just what the doctor ordered.

When you get your copy today, the monthly recurring fee will be waived & you will also be upgraded to a free commercial license.

And that is not all. There are some outstanding bonuses on that page to help you get moving with VidToon even faster.

But why do not you head over and check it out now for yourself?

Especially since it’s currently available for a low one time investment today?

Does not matter if you are a Mac or PC person.

VidToon can work on both as well as any screen resolution too!

Vidtoon Overview

  • Creator: Cindy Donovan
  • Product: Vidtoon
  • Release Date: 2020-Apr-20
  • Release Time: 9:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: General

What’s Vidtoon?

Fast Fresh Animated Video Software

Video is hot.. animated video? Hot and now, OH SO EASY!

With VidToon you can make toon-style videos to grab your viewers attention with a lot of amazing features:

[+] Inbuilt library with 34 HD backgrounds, 25 HD characters each with 30 different animations

[+] Import your own backgrounds, images and much more

[+] 200+ royalty free music tracks

Easy desktop installation – works on both Pc and mac

[+] Free or Realistic Google TTS, Text 2 Speech

[+] Works in any language or niche

[+] Record or import your own voice over in the app

[+] Transition and effects, flip or move objects from A to B

[+] SO MUCH MORE…!!!

This is something you will use over and over again – and with no hosting fees there are basically no limits to what tou can create with this!

Email, Socials, eCom and Digital Sales Too Competitive?

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Automate collection of visitor & customer feedback and use it to make more sales. Instead of competing with the 1000s of eCom stores and millions of online business out there, you can turn what they are saying into profits for repeat customers over and over again.

Building Lists

Build bigger lists easily. Works seamlessly with all major auto responder plus Zapier connections for lesser known platforms


Automatically engage your client’s audience with a special sale, coupon, featured product & verified customer sales proof


Connect to Shopify (or any other ecom platform) & display real product reviews & targeted proof, automatically!

Facebook Ads

Automatically turn each of your product reviews into perfectly formatted ads you can import to Facebook & Instagram

Sales Promo’s

Use irresistable scratch & reveal widget displaying coupons or pop ups when a customer claims your bonus offer etc…

Much More…

With 14 campaign types & endless display options, Funnel Base is the best and only social proof tool you will ever need!


Using Real Reviews and Customer Proof

#1: Add instant credibility
#2: Convey trust for more sales
#3: Makes people want it more
#4: More likely to share and go viral
#5: Grants authority in your niche
#6: More SEO traffic with more favorable language around your brand

NOT Using Real Reviews & Customer Proof

#1: People are not sure about you
#2: Lower conversions
#3: Doubt effects sales decision
#4: Less willing to share with friends
#5 Lack of confidence in purchase
#6 Fall victim to the “Alexa effect” having people leave rather than buy

Introducing the traffic and conversions machine:

For Traffic, Leads, Sales and Conversions

Funnel Base is the ultimate solution for everybody from complete newbie, to seasoned marketer in any niche, to any audience.

Just starting out? Activate our traffic building modules, build your lists and social media traffic.

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100% Cloud Based, Simple to use and set up on any page, no technical skills required

Traffic Driving Software Turns a couple of clicks into hundreds so they in turn, create more traffic for you

Lead Generating Tool Captures & simplifies building lists so you can focus on more fun things (like making sales!)

How Does It Work?

Increasing Sales Is Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Turning your pages into conversion machines

Step 1: Activate

Build bigger lists easily. Works seamlessly with all major auto responder plus Zapier connections for lesser known platforms

Step 2: Customise

Automatically engage your client’s audience with a special sale, coupon, featured product & verified customer sales proof

Step 3: Automate

Connect to Shopify, JVZoo or any other service & display real product reviews and targeted proof, as they happen

Sales Closing Automation Send requests to people who subscribe to leave reviews, adding valueable social proof

And SO MUCH MORE making this a unique and refreshing breakthrough in making more sales online.

New, fresh & NOW!

Bitcoin Era review — is a scam?

Bitcoin Era review — is a scam?

Beware! This is an agent! Your investment could be in danger.


Bitcoin Era

Do not put all your eggs in 1 basket. Open trading accounts.

Often produced in the most absurd manner — their sites are absolutely self-serving and are made following the identical outline. In most cases all they have to provide is a simple, narrated trailer-video which, ideally, should persuade dealers to invest with them. Bitcoin Era does not differ from the remainder and we are presented with a video about the chances of Bitcoin made of sliced extracts from news and interviews with economists. It is fairly general and does not provide anything special. From what we could discern — the crypto robot is offering some type of auto-trading software that’s pretty much the case with every other robot. There’s an icon on the top left corner of the website supposedly showing clients winning money in real time — yet another popular trope of all crypto robots. We also read that the customers of the robot”became millionaires”; we are inclined to suspect the validity of these claims. Here is a screenshot of this webpage:

No name, no address, no number

After performing our usual research we encounter disturbing, but not unexpected, results. It ends up that Bitcoin Era is part of possibly the most popular scam on the market. Precisely through such sites, dressed with farcical opportunities for winnings, traders are convinced to register and carelessly give their address, phone number and email. Minutes later that same personal data is delivered to brokers as”leads” and the registered traders begin getting phone calls from unregulated forex agents such as FXWorld24 or Aspen Holding, urging them to make investments. Cheap traffic is really the product Bitcoin Era are offering, not some trading application ahead of the marketplace which can incur wealth to some willing trader.However, we’re not able to register and cannot know for sure whether the crypto robot is actually connected with some Forex agent. Id:

Usually after registering the dealer goes directly to the webpage of a broker.

No verified track record

Even if we choose to think Bitcoin Era about it’s new product — which we certainly do not counsel — there are still problems. In trading there are societal trading platforms like the Zulutrade in which you may search through the profiles of different traders and see how much they are losing or winning before investing funds with them. This is achieved through monitoring every deal they have made as well as seeing the results of all of the rest of their followers. Such transparency adds significant assurance and partly, if not entirely, removes risk. Where like half-baked and senseless websites such as Bitcoin Era you’re relying upon blind faith.

No regulatory supervision

What’s more, there is absolutely no regulatory warranty about the whole item. They also lack SSL encryption which compromises any information transferred through the site.

Last, but not least — the mere manner in which such surgeries start looking for funds should raise major security concerns. If the crypto robot really did provide an exciting and legitimate product, it might have found an alternate way of financing itself, rather than relying on cheap traffic through a cheesy bait-clicking commercial about itself. They can apply for a credit in the bank or raise money through crowd-funding. Although, to be able to do this successfully, they have to be valid — which they most likely aren’t.

All in all, Bitcoin Era comes around as a standard scam operation — the likes of which we’ve seen a whole lot — and we advise those interested not to risk it.

Keyword Filter Overview &Search Operators

The key word filter is a very powerful part of performing Keyword study. For instance, today we have had some additional features within the key word filter which were not formally recorded. We also understood that we did a complete breakdown of the key word filter.

This guide will Provide you a brief overview of the key word filter. We’ll also present our key word search operators which you could use to filter more especially and additional nail down your key terms.

Keyword Filter Overview

The key word filter permits You to enter specific parameters and Only show key words that match those particular parameters. You can achieve it by key words, negative keywords, number of phrases, search volume, CPC and contest score. Let us take a look at the key word filter.

Keyword: This is where you can enter a keyword or phrase and it will hide all keywords that don’t contain that keyword or phrase.

Negative Words: That is the Reverse of this”Keyword” parameter. Any key terms or phrases typed here will conceal all key words that”perform” include these phrases or words.

Number of words: It’s possible to define the amount of words that the key words must include to be shown. By way of instance, it has to include two to 5 words. Any key words with less than two words or more than 5 will probably be taken off.

Volume: That is where It’s possible to define the search quantity the key words must include. The rest of the keywords will be eliminated.For example, between 1000 to 3000. All other keywords will be removed.

CPC: That is where It’s possible to define the CPC the key words must possess. All key words which have CPC under or above those amounts will be eliminated.

Score: That is where You’re able to enter the contest scores you want to see. By way of instance, only reveal key words between 10 to 30 rivalry score.

For the parameters which contain”into” you can render the initial Amount or final number blank and it’ll mean infinite or 0. So as an instance if I wanted to just show keywords with over 3 words no limitation over that, then simply put 3 in the box and leave the 2nd box clean. The same holds for the opposite conclusion. If I wished to demonstrate all keywords using a key word score of 35 or under I would leave the box clean at the Score parameter and place 35 from the next box.

Keyword Filter Operators

All that is fairly straightforward and easy. That is where Things get somewhat more fun.You can use our search operators in the “Keyword” and “Negative words” boxes to further drill down the filtering.

The Plus (+) Operator

This operator signifies”AND”. If we wanted to locate all keywordsthat contained “dog” and “training” we enter this into the Keyword box:


Now that’s different than simply placing”dog training”. If we Place”dog training” without a plus sign it is only going to show key words having the term”dog training” So things such as”dog training courses” will be revealed but”dog clicker training” will not be.

When we use the (+) signal it’ll rather find key words that Include both key words but they do not need to maintain that particular order. Therefore for this case it might locate both”dog training courses” and”dog clicker training”. Utilizing a similar instance if we clicked:

The Comma (,) Operator

The next operator is the comma (,) operator signifying “OR”. Using a similar example if we typed:


This means we need to show all keywords that include either Things like”dog training courses” will be revealed but also”dog bones” and”training abilities” will be exhibited as well because they contain both the term”puppy” or”coaching”.

Drilling Down Additional

If you really want to get fancy you can combine the operators and get very specific:


Now here we shall only show key words that have”puppy” and “coaching” but additionally either “best” or”testimonials”. This permits you to actually get down and dirty with what you’re searching for.

Strong Materials

As you can see the filter Can Be Quite powerful when used Properly. Enabling you to sift quickly through large key word listings. You can use It to tailor which key words will be displayed and in-turn only study those Which are relevant to you. Time you’re filtering!

What is WP GDPR Fix?

What is WP GDPR Fix?

WP GDPR Fix is simple and easy to use WordPress plugin which comes with 7 “fixes” to make your sites more in line with GDPR requirements.

This tool is especially important and a must have tool if you have a WordPress website and customers or site visitors from the EU.

What is EU GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) is the main change in information privacy regulation in 20 years. It’s is a law in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union.

The GDPR aims primarily to provide control to taxpayers and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the law within the EU.

Basically, if you’re located in the EU or you “offer goods or services to, or monitor the behaviour of, EU data subjects,” the GDPR will force you to be more transparent regarding the sorts of personal data you collect and what you do with this. Furthermore, prospects must offer their expressed permission for you to harvest and utilize that data.

GDPR overview

GDPR Rights of the data subject


What exactly are these 7 GDPR Fixes?

Cookie Consent. Automatically inform your visitors (through popup) about cookie use and gets their consent.
T&C Acceptance. Generate a T&C Acceptance check box/button and (optional) force acceptance by users.
Privacy Policy. Create a Privacy Policy check box/button and (optional) force acceptance by users.
Right To Be Forgotten. Collect right to be forgotten requests and notify website owner/administrator.
Data Access. Collect Data access requests and automatically inform administrator.
Sends data breach notification to all users (within 72 hours) as required by legislation.
Data Rectification. Collect information rectification request and upgrade owners and administrator.

All above choices are optional. So you can choose whether features you want to use/install on your blog.

Watch the demo video:

Are there any shortcomings?

Well, all of the features just work as described or shown in the demonstration video.

Having said that, to comply to GDPR it’s not sufficient to simply install this plugin!

GDPR involves a lot more regulations. For example, you want to clearly tell/explain that data you collect, for what reason, how long you’ll save the data, and what procedures you take to secure your information and if you store data outside the EU.

So, you’ll probably have to analyze (and document) your data collection and procedures, and to update your Privacy Policy, Terms of Services, and Cookie Statement.

Furthermore, it all depends on what sort of information you collect and what sort of external software and apps you are using. You have your own responsibility and can not hide behind external providers.

Especially because if you have breached or violated any portion of the legislative package after first sanctions, employers can be fined up to $20 million (approximately $23.5 million USD) or 4% of a company’s worldwide turnover, whichever is greater.

That’s why I advise you to do your “homework” and take this new law serious.

A good place to start is Suzanne Dibble’s Webinar Replay & Compliance Pack.

Why you should buy WP GDPR Fix

Because it’s an easy to use plugin and great to start to “fix” 7 GDPR requirements. Use the plugin to create Cookie Consent optin boxes, force people to take your Privacy Policy and/or Terms, and to create a central page where people may ask for: Data Entry, Rectify Content, and Data Deletion (with email follow up), or in case of data breaching to inform all of your WP users.

The plugin is very easy to use and you can get it for a very reasonable price…

Pricing & Coupons

During this special launch, you can get WP GDPR Repair with Personal Usage Rights for only $17.00-$27.00.

If you’re lucky, you may use this Coupon Code “gdprdiscount” for $5.00 off.

Otherwise, use Coupon ‘gdpr3off’ for $3.00 off.

The price for a single WordPress site is now $20.35 and for Unlimited Personal Websites at $22.35. But both prices will go up during launch around $27.00.

Upsells and OTOs

Note: you need to get the main front-end first before you’re permitted to get any of the upsells.

The first OTO is the possibility to get WP GDPR Fix Pro ($31.00-$37.00).

Both written by a certified privacy attorney from EU.
The WP GDPR Fix Unsubscribe Feature. This is an Opt-out page if you are collecting leads from the blog.
JeetOptin, a GDPR compliant lead-option system.

The next upsell is WP GDPR Fix Developer ($41.00-$47.00). Now you install this plugin to your customers blogs.

As third upsell, you can find the WP GDPR Fix Reseller License ($61.00-$67.00). You can now register yourself as an affiliate and promote the principal front-end and get 100% commissions (and 50% of any upsell).

But if you would like to have more control, rebrand this plugin, sell the main front-end and Pro Upgrade for any price you want, and keep 100% of the profits, take a look at the 4th upsell, the WP GDPR Repair White Label Rights ($397.00).

You’ll find the Rights to change the plugin name and call yourself the owner and developer. Plus you’ll get the complete source code of this plugin for both Elite and Pro versions.

Hence a great deal as many WordPress administrators are still searching for a simple plugin to “fix” their GDPR requirements.

Check out my overview page with all Software with White Label and/or Resell Rights.

My WP GDPR Fix Bonus

If you will buy through my affiliate link (just click on any link on this page), you will find these Special Bonuses.

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Bonus Two User Permit to Email Jeet Internet Mailer

Email Jeet Webmailer can send mails via the local server using PHPmail, or may also be configured to work with any SMTP supplier like Sendgrid, etc.. Works online with regular PHP hosting.

Bonus 3 Reseller License to FB Leads Discovery

FB Leads Discovery is a PHP script that you can install on your webserver and get free hot leads for absolutely any niche. Whenever someone clicks on your lead ad, a form opens with the individual’s contact information automatically populated, based on the information they share with Facebook, like their name and email address.

Plus for any upsell you will buy, you may select 1 product for free on

Lastly, you get 50 bonus points (plus if you’ll buy OTO 1/2/3/4 you will get 60/70/80/200 extra points) that you can change for great WP Plugins, Courses and other information products on Select Your Bonus.

Select Your Bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily I add new bonuses. You can use your bonus points whenever you need. They will be valuable forever. So you do not need to hurry to change them into bonuses. Unused points will be kept at your accounts (until use).

To receive your bonuses and points, just send your receipt to me and I will activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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Would that make a difference for you, would that make it simpler for you to be able to swiftly implement the ideal things into your small business, to create a real business?

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This is REAL guidance, REAL mentoring

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And a proportion of these people were joining my $97 a month training program, purchasing my $47 toolbox, buying other things.

Honestly, it was an easy, simple business.


And over the years a lot of folks have come along and created this business seem as much HARDER than it truly is.

Now, I want to reevaluate matters FOR YOU –

I would like to explain to you how to return to the fundamentals and start SELLING!

In the last few weeks, I have had several clients launch new products … and create over $1000 in a couple of days . .

In the last few weeks, I’ve had several clients launch new products . . . and generate over $1000 in a few days . . .on a simple, low ticket product ($7 – $17)

You can too.

And I am going to be bold here and say: there’s nothing holding you back.

That is right: there’s nothing holding you back.

Write about it

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And just begin telling folks about it







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You have 100s of contacts, whether you are aware of it or not.

And you’re able to earn $100 – $1000 NEXT WEEK with my easy, easy formula.

Now, this is not some “make a million dollars formula”

This isn’t one of those “make $100,000” formulas.

You see, if you can’t make $100, you can’t make $1 million

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