ESCAPE Book by Anik Singal

ESCAPE Book by Anik Singal

Hey, now I’m here to announce the NEW book by Anik Singal called”eSCAPE”. It teaches the four STAGES of being a successful ENTREPRENEUR.

And since I’ve the opportunity to write the eSCAPE review, I won’t miss it.

Anik Singal, one of the best entrepreneurs, teaches how to begin from”e” and get to the point”E” in his book. The little”e” in the word eSCAPE suggests an”Employee”. And, the large”E” signifies an”Entrepreneur”.

By employee, it doesn’t mean that you ought to be a worker working in some corporation. It simply means starting from the scratch for a newcomer and reaching to the point where you have your own successful business.

And, for those who get a full-time occupation, then you’ll surely have the ability to quit your job shortly.

The publication is a mission of Anik’s REAL life story; how:

he started,
Drowned in the debts,
Almost went to the deathbed,
Figured success formula to reestablish, and

He’s clear in his book. He wants everyone to understand the 4 easy steps to become an entrepreneur.

There’s absolutely no unnecessary information.

Now, what exactly does the S-C-A-P-E mean at the term eSCAPE?

S stands for Self: which makes you work on a few CORE features in yourself towards the road to becoming an Entrepreneur.

C stands for Catapult: Teaches the 5 approaches to plan and discover your targets.

A stands for Authority: Learn the essentials to conquer leadership and authority.

P stands for Folks: This measure reveals how precisely you can become an entrepreneur and achieve success in the competitive industry.

What is inside the book?

EScape Book Members AreaThe physical version of the publication was split into 32 chapters and many other sections.

While the electronic version is split into 37 modules, 185 lessons, and two bonuses.

You get access to online version free as soon as you cover the shipping charges.

P.S. — there’s not any PDF or downloadable version of the publication.

Here’s the breakdown of what is within the physical book:

Section #1 (First 8 Chapters): Explains what an Entrepreneur actually mean and how misconceptions cause failures.

Section #2 (The Staying 24 Chapters): In this segment, Anik Singal clarifies the four phases in more detail. He defines the most important 5 characteristics required to conquer Entrepreneurship.

Section #4 (FULL Report on which you ought to Focus): Here you receive a comprehensive report on the key areas you need to concentrate on.

Section #5 (Actual Case Studies & Stories): In this segment, you may see REAL success stories of Anik’s pupils, former coaches, and mentors. It’s a pretty cool section

The picture below shows the chapters from the book. These chapters are divided into modules and farther into lessons.

Does it actually enable you to be a successful entrepreneur?

“An Entrepreneur is somebody who claims a issue and makes the decision to have the process of finding an answer to this problem. And that solution creates enormous value in the lives of others”, says Anik.

Likewise, if I’m the owner of an search engine optimization company, then I assert that SEO is the significant problem a company faces. And, I provide a solution, which is, SEO services to get your company grow and look top in the search results.

I’ve been following Anik for nearly 8 years and believe in his teachings completely. He’s always created training programs and classes that truly help people build an internet business.

Naturally, how folks follow his instructions is their choice.

The way to receive your free copy?

Just go here and enter your basic contact info. You’ll also be asked to pay a small shipping fee. Once done, you’ll be sent the FREE physical copy of the book.

Shipment within America and Canada can take up to 1 week. And, shipping to another nations can take 3-4 weeks.

But until you get your physical backup, you should begin reading the book chapters on the web.

The whole book was added to the #LurnNation platform. Once you pay the shipping fee for the physical book, you’ll receive immediate access to the electronic version for FREE!

As stated earlier, the electronic version is in the kind of online course wrapped in the members area. The members area is split into modules and farther into several classes.

The book chapters are in the text version entirely. And since you finish a lesson, you will see a progress bar on the top-left side.

Where can I login?

When your card is charged, you will get access to this LURN dashboard in the registered email address.

And, if you have not received any email, then there might 3 possible reasons:

You entered an incorrect email address (or mistyped it) through the registration process,
The email went to the spam folder
Login wasn’t generated because of technical glitches.

In any of the situations, contact the LURN service team at They generally reply in one hour or two.

It is also possible to re-check by clicking on the”I have lost my password”. As soon as you do so, you get an email with the reset password link on the registered email address. If you don’t get any email, contact the support staff.

Although the book is totally free, you’ll need to cover the shipping charges. Additionally, one certainly needs to invest some money to construct an online business.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need tens of thousands but a couple of dollars are all set. Likewise, you might need a domain name, a hosting account to host your site, some content and paid traffic.

Take an investment of USD 100 to USD 500 about to begin.

WAIT! I have a SURPRISE bonus that you cut off the costs. Check my exclusive bonuses at the end of the review.

Needless to say, they do! Along with the eSCAPE book, you’re being offered Anik Singal’s brand NEW class known as”Millionaire Mentor”. It’s a VIDEO series where Anik himself mentors you through the journey of being a millionaire.

Additionally, you will run into the NEW masterclass called”The eSCAPE Masterclass”. It’s the 8-week intensive course including weekly LIVE courses with Anik straight and webinars with his pro coaches.

You can ask questions and interact with other students in the community section. Everything is available right under the members area.

Another upsell is the eScape Accelerator that’s a step by step listed training. With this upgrade, you’ll also receive the eSCAPE audiobook, cliffs notes, as well as the workbook too.

I truly feel the book is worth reading. It comprises the most recent market trends, real data, and updated information.

What else?

When you have any queries, feel to free to write in the comment box below.

The Bonuses

As soon as you make your choice and pay for the shipping, you’ll receive access to 3 amazing bonuses.

That’s it? Besides the aforementioned three, you will also qualify for my SPECIAL bonuses below:

With the purchase of this eScape book through my link, you can find a domain name of your choice at NO COST (.

You’ll also get a hosting area on my server. No fees; just host and make any adjustments you desire. Saves your recurring server price.

You need to confess, traffic is everything. Without traffic, nothing can boost your earnings. I will provide you traffic value $100 totally FREE, from any traffic source you would like to purchase (applicable after payment of full package only).

BONUS #4 — 24/7 Total Support

Don’t be concerned about calling the LURN support group and awaiting their response. I will personally answer all of your questions (infinite ) directly in the email.

And, if needed, I will provide you my private chat ID so that you can ask me questions LIVE anytime:–RRB-.

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ImageSuite, eBook Editor, Optin Designer, GetMoreOptins and many others. They have spent over 14 months developing Youzign 2.0.

What’s the Main Idea Behind Youzign 2.0?

Are Your Designs & Branding Speeding Up Your Business?

Layout is more important than ever, but NOT just for the sake of looking good, But for the effect it makes to your business on
line and how your potential clients and customers are actually perceiving you.

You see, the layouts you have on your websites, social profiles, product logos and branding, represent you and your business.

And if they look outdated, and bad you won’t believe the impact it will take on your business…

You want to be noticed, You need to be perceived as the expert in your area and you would like to take your business to where you
know that it should be and that is why YOU CAN’T manage to let your branding and layout suffer…

The problems:

Building designs is hard, designers are costly & other design software is too hard & specialized to use!

You have just a few options when it comes to your branding… to hire a graphic designer you will be paying upwards of
$100-$1,000’s of dollars. . .And software like adobe Photoshop and other apps cost you monthly charges of up to $47 p/m just to
create images…. And for all that hassle you are wasting hours of time, when you should be spending that time actually building
your company…

Here comes Youzign 2.0…

So, What’s Youzign 2.0?

Youzign Puts The Power Of Desgining Back Where It Belongs… In Your Hands!

Youzign is the only picture tool that lets you easily create all of your marketing graphics under a single interface. Simple yet
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31 Built-In Formats (Nothing Compares):

Youzign has ALL the graphics you need in 1 interface.

The founders keep track of all of the hottest dimensions for the most popular formats on the internet so that you never have to
believe another second about”what’s the perfect dimensions for this again?”

Promote your product or service with Facebook ads, pre-formatted in Youzign.

Produce eye-catching Twitter covers to fit the new Twitter profile.

[+] Youtube Channel Art:

Create responsive Youtube Channel Art for desktopcomputer, TV, tablet and mobile.

Create beautiful Google+ covers for all your Google profiles.

Design your next tee-spring tshirt in Youzign and preview it immediately as it would seem.

Youzign is trusted by tens of thousands of Kindle authors to make their Kindle covers.

[+] Hangout:

Create high converting call-to-action graphics for your next Google Hangout.

On Fiverr? Use the Fiverr format to instantly create Fiverr promo gig images.

[+] Blog Post Images:

Make your next blog post stand out with professional blog graphics.

Drive traffic to your website and social media with engaging Infographics.

Create poweful A5 flyers to promote your brand or your clients offline.

[+] Flyers A6:

Recently added,the A6 flyer is perfect for clubs and event related promotions.

[+] Coupons:

Create beautiful coupon images for more sales online and offline.

Fantastic for one-off promotions, use gift certificates to boost your biz.

[+] Loyalty Cards:

Get clients coming back regularly and purchasing more with loyalty cards.

Promote any offline businesses with rack cards, ideal for ads display.


Create your next ticket graphic in Youzign, can be published or used on Facebook.

Create personalized postcards to send out to your clients and build loyalty.

[+] Greeting Cards:

Create birthday, special occasion cards and more greeting cards in Youzign.

[+] Comp Cards:

Showcase your professional pictures with a comp card graphics (best for models).

Share your most important business info and contacts on business cards.

[+] Memes:

Need more traffic? Engage your audience with funny memes.

[+] Sales Page Graphics:

Create purchase buttons, testimonial graphics and other landing page images.

Create beautiful 2D and 3D ebook, magazine, ringbinder and much more covers in Youzign.

[+] Pricing Tables:

Create powerful pricing tables to your next product or service.

Create leaderboards, skyscrappers, rectangles, etc. for all your advertising campaigns.

[+] Website Headers:

Create beautiful headers to your WordPress, Blogspot or HTML websites.

[+] Custom Size:

Set your own format and get creative!

The Power Packed Features Which Make Youzign 2.0 So Essential for All Marketers:


Access Youzign 2 where you need it. Online on, on your Windows 8/10 or MacOS PC, or preview your layouts from iOS and
Android on phone and tablet.

Notice: Youzign Desktop requires an online connection.

=> Youzign IOS & ANDROID:

=> Youzign Web:

[+] Integrated With The Programs You Use:

As a result of the public Youzign API, you can retrieve your designs on your favourite apps.

Youzign is now integrated with SmartMember, Clickfunnels, WordPress (and OptimizePress), Sociocaster, Instaviral, ImageSuite,
FunnelKit, SocialSurveys, and VideoContest!

“Forget Complex. Here Is Simplicity At Its Finest.”

Youzign 2.0 introduces the mild version of Youzign, with a gorgeous white theme and clean user interface. Switch anytime in the
dark to the light variation.

[+] Smart Guides:

Ever wondered how your FB cover will look on mobile? Would you like to apply the 20% text ruler to your Facebook advertising? Or
maybe you will need to bring a bleed and trim guidelines to your business card? With the Smart Guides feature it only takes one
clicks. You can focus on your business while we take care of the design details for you.

[+] Tailored Image Library:

Youzign 2.0 includes a brand new image library that includes all the graphics you need to create beautiful layouts.

All these graphics were made by the Youzign group and are fully scalable vectors you can stretch and switch to any colour.

=> Some of the graphic types included:

Arrows for your optin and sales page images.

Beautiful wallpapers and patterns.

Mascot characters, thumbs up and down icons.

And lots more! We’re adding new images daily for this library.

[+] One Click Backgrounds:

Set up any image as a background in one click thanks to the new Set as background feature. It’s never been this simple to create
beautiful layouts.

Need to remove a background from an image? The Youzign Background Removal tool make it incredibly straightforward. Simply select
the area you want to keep, and the area you want to remove. It literally takes seconds!

Preview your designs as they would appear in real life in one click.

=> More than 31 One-Click Preview Effects Built-In:

It only takes one click to preview your Facebooks ads as they would look in Facebook or turn a flat cover into a gorgeous 3D
magazine cover.

The Instant Preview effect can be found across all 31 formats in Youzign so that you can quickly preview how your designs will
look or apply amazing 3D effects.

[+] On The Move? Require Youzign With You:

Take Youzign with you thanks as a result of the Youzign apps.

=> Your Entire Brand.

If you’re on the move visiting clients or business partners, it is easy to access and preview all of your layouts on-the-go using
the Youzign iOS and Android apps. Works for smartphones and tablets, requires a 3G or WIFI connection.


Organize your layouts with Youzign dashboard folders.

Create unlimited folders to sort your designs right within your Youzign dashboard.


With The New Save As Templates And Saved Groups You Can Create A Consistent Brand.

=> Building A Brand Has Never Been That Easier:

Save any of your existing design as a template to re-use it in the future. Inside the editor you might also save group components
(like a button and a text layer for example ) with fresh Saved Groups attribute.

This way it is easy to apply your brand assets across your layouts.

Get immediate access to 1,335,093 copyright-free images inside Youzign!

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The
point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more normal supply of letters, as opposed to using’Content here, content here’, making
it look like readable English.


The creators take care of our customers. As a new Youzign user you will have access to a fully staffed helpdesk with all the
tutorials you require.

If you are fed up with poor support and poor training, you will LOVE Youzign.

Do you have a suggestion for us? We LOVE hearing from our customers.

As a Youzign customer you will have immediate access to Youzign 2.0’s community forum helpdeks where you can get 20+ tutorials,
webinar replays, downloads and much more:

The founders are also active on the Youzign Facebook Group or fanpage, through email and even live chat support via Intercom.

Finally The creators don’t outsource support. 100% of service is supplied exclusively by the Youzign team, so you know you can
always get the help you need.

Youzign comes FULLY LOADED with 200 High-Definition Templates to get you started IN SECONDS!

Don’t let it’s simple interface fool you… Youzign is feature-packed with the technology you need.

Simply click, drag, drop, edit and see your changes in real time.

Youzign allows you to design anything, from stamps to posters.

Upload your own images and save them directly within Youzign, so that you can access them anytime in the future.

[+] One click picture sharing:

Share your layouts on Facebook and Twitter in the Youzign dash or with your customers from your own customized share URL.

[+] Auto Saving:

Lost your internet connection or closed your browser accidentally? You will have the ability to retrieve your whole design because
of the auto-save feature.

Need to add one of your layout to a colored background? Simple save any of your designs in Youzign as a transparent PNG.

Youzign is packed with a great deal of open source fonts, and you can also access the fonts you have installed on your desktop
(system fonts).

[+] Mobile Friendly:

With Youzign iOS and Android access, preview and download your layouts from any mobile devices with an online connection.

Keyboard shortcuts, proceed to front, move to back, centre, reverse and lock layers, duplicate and opacity control are a few of
the editing tools that makes Youzign a fully featured picture software.

[+] Committed Team:

Youzign is developed by YMB Properties, a firm of 16 staff. We have been developing Youzign for nearly 2 decades and in business
since 2011. We’re here to stay and we are dedicated to your success.

All your files, designs and images are securely saved on Amazon S3 servers and backed up daily, so you can be ensured that your
designs are always safe.

[+] Fanatic Support:

The creators love their clients! Contact them via email (their average response time is 210 minutes), phone, live chat or the
helpdesk, they’re here to help!

See What Users Are Saying About Youzign:

FAB#1: FREE Weekly Live Q&A Webinars! (Value $99):

Get weekly webinar training directly from Youzign founders every Tuesday:

When you become a Youzign customer, you are part of our tribe and you will never be left in your with a problem. We run a training
webinar each and every week, where we provide free instruction and answer all of your questions live.

=> Next webinar: Tuesday 16th February, 11AM EST

Youzign 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Do I want to put in it or can I use it on line?

Answer: Youzign 2 now comes with a desktop application for Mac OS, Windows 8/10 (requires internet access) and also can be
accessed from any browser.

Q2: Is this 100% secure?

Answer: Yes! You’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee for 60 days. We stand 100% behind our product so we are very confident
you will love it : )

Q3: Can I upload my own images into Youzign?

Answer: Yes you can upload your own images, JPGs, GIFs and PNGs. Youzign outputs high resolution PNG images in RGB format
(suitable for the internet and printing).

Q4: How do I get support?

Answer: Simply email and we’ll reply back within a couple of hours, or see!

What Are The OTO’S Of Youzign 2.0?

OTO#1: 1000 Extra Templates: Onetime Payment Of $67:

Get Immediate Access To 1000 Extra Templates For Less Than $0.01 Each!

1,000 Templates Use For Your Own Or Your Clients.

[+] Business Cards:

Think business cards aren’t important? Did you know that over 10 billion business cards are printed in the US alone every year?
Business cards are a basic part in any offline advertising, which makes you look professional, prepared and ready for company.

With Youzign it is easy to create business cards and other marketing and advertising graphics. Youzign also lets you easily
preview your business card design, so you see exactly what they would look like when printed.

[+] Banners:

Banner ads remain the leading means of engaging customers on your site. Create attractive banner ads for your social websites and
web based campaigns.

With Youzign it is simple to create banner advertisements, Facebook ads, social networking graphics and more. Youzign also lets
you easily preview your layouts so that you see what they would look like when you press publish.

[+] Infographics:

Infographics are one of the best ways to receive social media shares and create viral traffic for your website. Use our info
graphic generator to make your next viral feeling.

With Youzign it is easy to create infographics, flyers, banner ads and more. With over 300,000 vectors and 400,000 copyright
pictures to choose from it’s never been easier to create a great looking infographic.

[+] Google Plus Header:

With Youzign you can easily create Google Plus Header graphics and more. Youzign also lets you easily preview your layouts so that
you see what they would look like when you press publish. .

[+] Custom Size:

If you operate your own blog you understand the significance of great graphics for promoting your content. So forget the headache
of Photoshop, Youzign enables you to create great looking custom size layouts effortlessly.

With Youzign it is easy to create customized design sizes for your website, blog graphics, infographics and more. Youzign also
lets you easily preview your designs, so you see exactly what they would look like before you press publish.

[+] Pinterest:

If you run your own blog you understand the importance of great graphics for promoting your content. So forget the headache of
Photoshop, Youzign lets you create great looking custom size designs effortlessly.

With Youzign you can easily create customized layout sizes for your pinterest website, blog graphics, infographics and much more.
Youzign also lets you easily preview your designs, so you see what they would look like before you press publish.

[+] Facebook Covers:

Facebook is the leading online social networking service in Menlo Park, California. Facebook had over 1.44 billion monthly active
users as of March 2015.

With Youzign you can easily create Facebook cover for your fanpages and Facebook advertisement graphics (see the examples above).
Youzign also lets you easily preview your designs as they would appear on Facebook.

[+] Internet Marketing:

If you’re preparing for a launch or plan to revise your earnings page you understand the importance of great graphics for
increasing conversions. So forget the headache of Photoshop, Youzign enables you to create high converting images with ease.

With Youzign you can easily create sales page graphics for your launch, banner ads, pricing tables and more. Youzign also lets you
easily preview your designs so you see what they would look like once you press release.

[+] Twitter Covers:

Twitter is a very popular online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages
called”tweets”. As of May 2015, Twitter has more than 500 million users, out of which over 302 million are active users.

With Youzign you can easily design exquisite Twitter covers to brand your Twitter profile pages (see the examples above).

[+] Pricing Tables:

If you launch products you understand the significance of a pricing table. They help users see just what is on offer and increase

With Youzign you can easily create pricing tables, banner ads, social networking ads and more. Youzign also lets you easily
preview your designs, so you see what your layout would look like before you press publish.

[+] Flyers:

Did you know that one of the most powerful forms of Internet marketing actually happens offline? 66% of consumers respond to
offline advertising by visiting the website of the company, service or product they saw.

With Youzign you can easily create flyers, posters, ticket stub and more. With Youzign you can easily create flyers, posters,
ticket stubs and more. Youzign also lets you easily preview your designs, so you see what they would look like when published.

[+] Kindle covers:

The Amazon market is the largest outlet for publications in the world with over 244 million paying customers. Get a global
audience for your eBook.

Create custom eBook covers with Youzign. Choose from our selection of ready to use templates or make your own unique Kindle cover
design. You can even preview the cover when you are done.

[+] Blog Graphics:

If you run your own blog you understand the significance of great graphics for promoting your content. So forget the hassle of
Photoshop, Youzign enables you to create great looking images with ease.

With Youzign it is easy to create graphics for your blog, banner advertisements, infographics and much more. Youzign also lets you
easily preview your designs so you see what they’d look like once you press publish.

[+] Memes:

If you operate your own blog you understand the significance of great graphics for promoting your content. So forget the hassle of
Photoshop, Youzign lets you create great lookingmemes with ease.

With Youzign you can easily create memes for your site, blog graphics, infographics and more. Youzign also lets you easily preview
your designs, so you see what they’d look like before you press publish.

[+] Headers:

Headers and banner advertisements remain the major means of engaging customers on your site and getting more eyes on your product.
Create attractive banner ads for your social media and internet based campaigns.

With Youzign you can easily create headers, banner ads, social networking graphics and more. Youzign also lets you easily preview
your designs so that you see what they would look like once you press publish. .

[+] eBook Covers:

Create custom eBook covers with Youzign. Choose from our selection of ready to use templates or make your own unique Kindle cover
design. You can even preview the cover when you’re done.

[+] Special Events:

Create attractive banner ads for your social media and internet based campaigns using our high resolution event graphics.

With Youzign it is simple to create headers, banner advertisements, social media graphics and more. Youzign also lets you easily
preview your designs so that you see what they’d look like once you press publish. .

[+] Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is the leading video messaging service used by internet marketers. Use professional graphics to make the perfect
first impression with your audience.

With Youzign you can easily create Google Hangout images, banner ads and more. Youzign also lets you easily preview your designs,
so you see exactly what they’d look like once you press publish.

[+] Software Graphics:

Software Graphic ads remain the major means of engaging customers on your website and getting more eyes on your product. Create
appealing banner ads for your social media and web based campaigns.

With Youzign it is simple to create headers, banner advertisements, social networking graphics and more. Youzign also lets you
easily preview your designs so you see what they would look like when you press publish. .

[+] JV Pages:

Youzign can easily create jv pages, banner ads, social networking graphics and more. Youzign also lets you easily preview your
layouts so you see what they’d look like once you press publish. .

[+] YouTube Channel Art:

Launched in May 2005, YouTube allows countless individuals to detect, watch and share originally-created videos. It functions as a
distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.

With Youzign you can easily create Youtube channel art that matches all devices (desktop, TV, mobile and tablets). Youzign also
lets you easily preview your designs as they would look on Youtube on multiple devices.

[+] Coupon, Gift Certificate and Loyalty Card:

Coupon, Gift Certificate and Loyalty Card ads remain the leading means of engaging users on your website and getting more eyes on
your product. Create appealing banner ads for your social media and web based campaigns.

With Youzign it is simple to create headers, banner ads, social networking graphics and more. Youzign also lets you easily preview
your designs so that you see what they’d look like when you press publish. .

[+] Webinar Slides:

With Youzign you can easily create Webinar Slides, social networking graphics and more. Youzign also lets you easily preview your
layouts so you see what they would look like when you press publish. .

[+] Purchase Now Buttons:

With Youzign you can easily create buy now buttons, belcher buttons and a lot more. Youzign also lets you easily preview your
layouts so you see what they would look like when you press publish. .

[+] Resume:

With Youzign it is easy to create resume. Youzign also lets you easily preview your layouts so that you see what they’d look like
once you press publish. .

OTO#2: Youzign 2.0 Club:

Would You Like 100 Extra Templates Added To Your Account Every Month!

FIVE designers are responsible for delivering your 100 extra templates every month.

[+] Templates Typically Sell For $30 A Piece Online:

On websites like Graphic River a single Facebook cover template with Programmers (Extended) Permit costs $30!

So with 1000 extra templates in Youzign, you must generally pay 1000*30=$30,000.

But today you won’t pay anything close to that.

In fact each templates you get now (all include Developers License) will cost you a mere 1 CENTS EACH!

[+] Priority Template Requests:

Click on the Suggest a template link inside Youzign to ship your templates suggestions directly to the Youzign design group.
Exclusive to CLUB members!

Beautiful banners in all sort of formats (leaderboards, skyscrapers, square buttons, etc) to use on your websites, blogs and all
of your advertising and retargeting campaigns.

OTO#3: Youzign Agency:

You can choose from 3 Baths:

[+] Buy 5 Youzign Licenses: Onetime Payment Of $47:

Invite up to 5 additional staff and clients to your Youzign.

[+] Purchase 10 Youzign Licenses: Onetime Payment Of $87:

Invite up to 10 extra staff and clients to your Youzign.

[+] Buy 20 Youzign Licenses: Onetime Payment Of $147:

Invite up to 20 extra staff and customers to your Youzign.

Youzign Agency empowers YOU to multiply your brand and marketing efforts by empowering design and team collaboration inside

[+] Boost Productivity With Team Collaboration:

With the Team Agency attribute you are able to collaborate on designs with your group members, VAs or business partners easily
from the Youzign interface.

Just share a design to your team dash and everyone who’s a member will have the ability to edit your designs.

Note: thanks to the Design Lock feature no layout can be edited by two users at the exact same time.

It only takes one-click to invite members to a team using the Easy Invite system.

Simply enter your team mate email address and he/she will get an email invite to create his/her Youzign account.

Here are some people you might want to invite: business partners, VAs, workers, outsourcers, etc..

[+] Close More Sales With Clients:

Thanks to Youzign Agency, you can now create Youzign accounts for your customers and let them access each of their layouts in

As an Agency owner you’ll have the ability to push layouts to their accounts directly.

This is the conclusion of endless back-and-forth emails for easy design revisions. Within Youzign your customers can themselves
edit their designs and make tiny changes.

It takes just one-click to invite new clients to Youzign thanks to this simple invite system.

Simply enter your customer email address and he/she will get an email invite to create his/her Youzign account.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

[+] Here are some ways you can use Youzign Agency on your business:

Sell a handled design service – and manage your clients design inside Youzign.

Let your clients edit their own layouts – within Youzign (no more design revisions).

Invite your business partner – to collaborate on your latest promotional images.

Have your VAs, outsourcers – to create and deliver designs thanks to Youzign.

Build your own marketing agency – and make more sales online.

Best Tip: You may give access to all of the Youzign training materials and video tutorials to your team members or customers to
get them up to speed with Youzign.

OTO#4: Youzign 2.0 KickStart: Onetime Payment Of $147:

Let The founders create your first design for you!

It’s as Easy as 1,2,3:


The KICKSTART package gives you access to 100 layout credits.

With these credits you are able to purchase real-life designs services directly from the Youzign team.

Whenever you order you will be taken to a page where you can chose how you want to spend your credit. You may use it all at once
or order little by little.


Once the creators receive your order the Youzign team will begin working on your designs.

Over the next 92 hours, you will understand each new layout appear”magically” on your dashboard where you’ll be able to review
them and request up to 5 FREE revisions each layouts.


Within 92 hours the creators deliver your brand assets right within your Youzign account, so you’ll be able to use and edit them
anytime with Youzign!

This include the layouts you purchased, but also your brand materials (logos and other images ) in your Youzign account, brand
guidelines and much more.

Ways you can use your kickstart credits:

[+] Get designs as you want them:

Since Kickstart is flexible, you may choose to use your credits at any point in time.

Simply let us know if you want something done, and we’ll automatically keep an eye on your credit spend.

For instance you may order a Facebook cover today. . Then come back in 2 days to order a new infographics to your blog and so

[+] Order Designs for a customer:

Need designs for a new customer? Because of the creator’s professional design skills and quick delivery you can deliver amazing
designs to your offline and online clients.

Youzign 2.0 Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I highly recommend you to get your Copy of Youzign 2.0?

If you are trying to find A graphics software app you can use to create and save designs for over 30+ graphics formats including
facebook, twitter, infographics, kindle covers, flyers, youtube channel arts, business cards, headers, banners, ebook covers and
more online… all within one stage, then Youzign 2.0 will be your highly recommended choice.

Here are some of the new features you can enjoy in the 2.0 version:

[Yes] desktop version (mac, windows, linux), android and iOS programs, as well as online.

[Yes] completely open API and strong integrations (wordpress, funnelkit, smartmember, and others).

[Yes] over 100 templates to kickstart your design jobs… just point, click & personalize.

[Yes] dashboard folders: organize all your designs from the dashboard.

[Yes] now it is possible to design over 30 different graphics categories and formats.

[Yes] new one click layout previews: Macbook screenshots, tee spring, ebook covers, etc..

[Yes] team features so that you can collaborate on designs with your employees and clients.

[Yes] crazy support: helpdesk & community forum.

[Yes] weekly training webinars: free live webinar training for all youzign clients.

[Yes] gfx mastermind: video training by Martin Crumlish/Bertranddo on selling graphics as a service.

Methods to Promote Your Online Course

Spread the word at conferences or networking events.

If you plan on attending any events where you will be interacting with your target audience face-to-face, make sure to take advantage of those natural opportunities where you could promote your course.

If you have a booth, for instance, print out marketing collateral they can take with them that includes a link to the course & hand it out to those who might have expressed interest.

Consider signing up for a text-to-sign up app, which lets people send a text message with their email address to a pre-designated number& syncs with your list so they get automatically added. Tools such as LeadDigits (which we recently used at the Podcast Movement in Chicago!) Tatango can be easily downloaded & sync with a number of email marketing providers (ESPs).

You could even download a mobile sign up form app (like Atom) to your phone or tablet. These types of apps could also sync with specific ESPs, so anyone who signs up using the app could get added right to your list.

Either way you go, you will not be short of options to promote your course & get people to register for it!

Take advantage of partnership opportunities.

Guest blog posts, cross-promotional emails, webinars … each of these are perfect opportunities to expand theachieve by teaming up with businesses that have similar audiences to yours.

When you do, you will want to find a way to angle your blog post or webinar presentation so that it could tie back to your online course. Remember, the more you could hook people into your course, the better. This ensures you maintain a connected experience for those who sat through the webinar presentation.

Here is an example of a webinar we presented on writing content for your emails …

… which supported the perfect opportunity to promote our email writing course.

Invest in paid online ads.

To get even more eyes on the course, consider investing in paid ads to promote it to new audiences. If this is new territory for you, you will want to do your research before diving in.

Between the different types of ads & locations to place them, it is important to learn the landscape & what might work best for you. You’ll also need to identify a budget for the ad(s) & how you plan to track its performance.

Once you have an idea of the strategy you want to go with, it will be up to you to design the ad based on the dimensions supported. If this might seem like a hurdle, there’re a number of tools that allow even non-designers to create beautiful-looking images, like Canva & PicMonkey.

When creating your ads, make sure to maintain the branding of your online course. It will create a consistent experience for your visitors as they move from the ad to the course landing page.

Encourage fans of your course to share it.

Throughout your course & your promotion plan, you should leave plenty of opportunities for people to share it with friends & colleagues. Social sharing buttons, click-to-tweet links& even general CTAs that tell people to share are all good ways to influence people to spread the word.

You could optimize sharing in a variety of assets related to your course, including the course itself & emails you send out to promote it.

And remember: the more valuable and engaging the content you create is, the more people will naturally want to share it with others.


The Best of Email Marketing Tips: 2016 Edition

Top themes we saw included: email list building, integrating email and gifs, with your overall marketing plan.

  1. How to Use Email Marketing to Build Meaningful Relationships

There’re a ton of resources out there about how to use email marketing to increase your email list & help drive revenue. However, what about the other aspect of email marketing – the part that helps you build more meaningful relationships with the subscribers?

Explore this post to get advice on how to use email marketing as a good way to create a reputation that is built on something deeper than dollar signs.

  1. 5 Irresistible Incentives for Your Sign Up Form that Are not eBooks

When it comes to creating incentives for your sign up forms, ebooks are the go-to lead magnet. After all, they are a great way to educate an audience. People love freebies.

But what if you are not an experienced writer or do not have the time to craft a 10-page ebook? In this post, you will learn other types of lead magnets you could create to attract new subscribers to your email list, like an email course/checklist.

  1. Valentine’s Day GIFs to Delight Your Subscribers

It is no secret that the AWeber team loves GIFs. And part of the reason for that is because we know you love them, too. So it is no surprise to see our Valentine’s Day GIF collection was in the top ten for 2016.

While it is just a little too early to repurpose these lovely animated images in the emails, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Bookmark this page for your future email sends in January & February. Read more.

  1. A Roadmap for Launching a New Product with Email

Increasing a new product is a huge milestone for any business owner – regardless of what that product may be. If it is a mobile app, new clothing item, book – anything at all – you want to make sure it takes the promotion it deserves.

And since 66% of customers have made a purchase as a result of an email, you definitely want to make sure it is part of your promotion plan. So if you have any products launching in the new year, the read will help you a master email as a promotion channel.

  1. Send Beautiful Curated Email Newsletters with the Curate App

As a small business owner/entrepreneur, time is one of your most valued commodities. With the rise of content marketing & thought leadership becoming an important component of any marketing plan, it becomes difficult to balance continuous content creation with everything on your to-do list.

And that is why content curation, gained momentum in 2016 – which gave way to the launch of AWeber’s third mobile app, Curate.

With Curate, users can create & send beautifully curated newsletters straight from their mobile device. There was a lot of excitement about this app, so we are happy to see it landed in the #5 spot in our countdown.

  1. The 2016 Holiday GIF Guide

Did I mention our obsession with GIFs? Our 2016 Holiday GIF guide quickly claimed a spot in our top ten posts this year. The holidays are here, which makes this a timely piece you can explore & leverage now for your last-minute holiday emails.

  1. Understanding the Marketing Funnel: 5 Strategies to Support Your Email Marketing

Crafting emails to an audience who are not yet customers can be tricky. How do you convey the value of your business without being too pushy/salesy? What’s the right balance between sharing educational content & talking about your product/service? Why must this be such a gray area?!?!

If these questions sound familiar & you’d like to turn more subscribers into loyal customers, this post is for you –at least worth a re-read. In it, you will discover how the 5 stages of the marketing funnel can be applied to your emails to help turn them into an ROI-driving machine.

  1. The Do’s &Dont’s of Affiliate Marketing

By joining an affiliate marketing program, you open up a new chance to tell others about your favorite products and services & earn a commission as a result. But there is more to being a successful affiliate than simply signing up for a program & blasting a link onto every social network in the hopes that someone will click it & make a purchase.

  1. 9 Things Email Marketers Could Learn from Social Media’s Biggest Names

This yearwhen we attended Social Media Week in NYC earlier, we knew there were going to be any serious knowledge bombs dropped all over the place. And we were not disappointed.

In the conference recap post, our Social Media Specialist, Olivia D., shared her top takeaways from social media pros – along with a unique angle on how they could be applied to your email strategy.

  1. 15 Industry Experts Share their #1 Email List Building Tactic

Here it’s – our number one post of the year!

Whenever we ask our readers & customers what aspect of their email marketing plan they want to improve, the answer is one thing: list building.

This makes sense: the more people you could reach with your emails, the more opportunities you have to grow your audience & turn them into customers.

To get the most valuable & proven list building tips, we asked 15 industry experts about the number one tactic for getting new subscribers –they didn’t disappoint. Check out this post to see what they had to say, how you can incorporate their tactics into your own email plan today.


4 Key Instagram Analytics Data Points You Can Use to Boost Your Results

4 Key Instagram Analytics Data Points You Can Use to Boost Your Results 14/3

Though marketers have grown to love using Instagram to promote products, one of the best criticisms of the platform, from a marketing standpoint, has been the lack of analytics & data options to help track and improve performance.

But that all changed with the introduction of Instagram business profiles, which came with in-built insights, including information on post performance, audience demographics & other key factors.

Used strategically, these insights can help boost your instagram performance – here’re some key tips on how to use every Instagram Insights measures.

1. Demographics and Insights

Instagram’s business analytics tools include insights into your followers’ ages & locations, along with other attributes, like gender.

You could view your follower activity to see who,, in your community, is most active, which could help improve the timing and focus of your posts, and make relevant segments for your campaigns.

2. Check Your Website Clicks

Instagram’s analytics tools give you a listing of website clicks – you can use this information to find how many people are clicking on the link included in your profile.

If you are not getting many clicks, you may need to re-assess your strategy to inspire more engagement & action.

3. Reach & Impressions

Instagram also provides data on reach & impressions.

On Instagram “Impressions” is another word for “views” – one view counts as one impression.

“Reach” is another term for “unique views”

Through Instagram analytics, you can have insights into the number of unique post views, helping better focus your campaign on the most relevant – resonant – content & content types.

4. Find Your Best-Performing Posts

As a marketer, you want to repeat what yields the best results. Instagram makes that easier by enabling you to sort posts by impressions.

You can view the best-performing posts for the previous week or month to learn what your audience wants. This will help you to create more engaging, relevant posts that your audiences will love.

Instagram’s analytics tools make it much easier to get the best results from Instagram. There is many ways to can view the metrics and use the insights in your process, but it is important to ensure your data aligns with your key business goals, and to use the available tools to focus on the points that matter most for your plan.